An Introduction to My Introduction


My intentions for this blog lie in my deep interest in photography. I started on a whim after seeing my friend’s beautiful self-portraits in my freshman year of high school. After a lot of figuring, I began studying photography at Georgia State University and am now officially accepted into the program.

Until this past semester, I thought the photography program would be all about taking great photos and learning a little history. An acquaintance asked me how long the program is; after explaining that it was two years, she said, “Two years? To learn how to take pictures?” Boy, were we both wrong.

I’ve delved into the history of photography, the theories, the conflicts, the ever contradicting existence of this newborn medium. While I dig deeper into photography’s elusive secrets, I will blog about my discoveries, interests, confusions, and dislikes with the medium.

While I share my thoughts, I strongly encourage you to comment with your thoughts. Discussions are warmly welcomed!

“The light that lights my picture is light that has touched you, I now have a piece of you.”