Oh, the Wonderful World of Education

I shuffled my way through the first week of the Spring semester. I’m tackling three studio photography courses (color photography, studio photography, and digital photography) and a critical thinking course. All of this is great, but there are always readings that are simply boggling.

I began with my critical thinking homework (the least creatively tiring of them all so far), and now I’m annoyed. Part of the assignment is to read Anna Chave’s “Minimalism and the Rhetoric of Power.” While we only had a 20 page excerpt from whatever larger text it may be a part of, I think I got this gist that art contradicts itself all of the time.

My professor introduced this article as a basis for our thinking for the course; so far I’m thinking, minimalism is a lack of symbolic representation, but yet it has a whole lot of symbolic representation; I have also concluded that even though minimalism is supposed to be some sort of authoritative power, it’s also not.

All in all, I thought photography was the only ridiculously complicated medium. It seems that all of art is, and I am not sure what I got myself into, but I suppose I have no choice. Art is my calling.

Soon, I’m going to post things about color photography for multiple reasons that I will explain. In the meantime, I’m going to attempt to take 600 photos based on the prompt “Unexpected,” order $300+ of photography supplies, and figure out how to make a color shift sequence without changing the Kelvin on my camera.

May the light be with you!

I could never figure out why photography and art had separate histories. So I decided to explore both. – John Baldessari


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