Color is Never as it Seems

I feel like a kindergartener in my color photography class. We chose a weekly color (green), we talked about colors and how they make us feel, and now we have to use color to create a sequence, but without adjusting anything on our cameras.

Teun Hocks

We were introduced to two artists: Teun Hocks and Uta Barth. While I think Teun Hocks work is wonderfully whimsical and quite beautiful, I find it hard to relate to in this class because as far as I’m concerned, until our final project, we can’t emulate his use of hand coloring. I understand the moods, but that doesn’t help me with utilizing color shifts in the world to my advantage (which is our first assignment, to use color shifts to create a five-photo sequence.) Uta Barth, I love. I love taking pictures like how she does. I love her work. I love her concepts. But, it seems, that my classmates disagree. They think her work is a copout because she stayed in her house for all of her work. That’s like saying the Swifter is a copout because someone intertwined a broom and a mop. That doesn’t make it any less than what it is because of how it was made. Swiffers and Uta Barth’s pictures are still great.

Uta Barth

Our required reading is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I’m just going to leave that fact there. Our suggested reading is The Primary Colors. That book is wonderful; it’s full of essays about colors. The first essay is about blue. It’s an alternate way of thinking that is very romantic.

Upon my own Tumblr explorations, I’ve found two artists that I think help me out with understanding how color shifts affect mood.

Mika Suutari creates mystical worlds with light and great attention to color.

Mika Suutari

Kilian Schonberger creates beautiful landscapes, also with great attention to color.

Kilian Schonberger

While I feel like I’m off to a great comprehensive start, I feel baffled by this first assignment. I have ideas, but I’m not sure how to rely on color to create mood when I have limited resources (i.e. most of my lightbulbs are a horrid yellow color.) Once I’ve figured out how that’s going to work out, I will share my results with you.

“I often think of that rare fulfilling joy when you are in the presence of some wonderful alignment of events. Where the light, the color, the shapes, and the balance all interlock so perfectly that I feel truly overwhelmed by the wonder of it.” -Charlie Waite


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