Color Shift in Practice

As a quick update: My lack of posts has been due to a stressful week. This post was originally drafted like a week and a half ago but was delayed because I couldn’t add the pictures. But now I can.

The first assignment for my color photography class involved a part that asked us to create a series of five images keeping mind to using color shifts to suggest a mood. Of course, as part of the life of an art student, we are critiqued on our work by the entire class and professor. I always find it helpful to hear about my work from many mouths to see what works and what doesn’t. The best part is to explore the minds of others. Photography can be very indirect about meaning. I often think “a photo says a thousand words” lends itself to the fact that everyone is going to use their own set of words to describe it; which of course must add up to more than a thousand words.

Enough of babbling, here’s my series:

TealGordon-1 TealGordon-2 TealGordon-3 TealGordon-4 TealGordon-5


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