All Work, All Play

Studio Photography has been rushing us right into lighting and whipping past large format photography. Today, I finished printing five 11×14″ black and white prints in the darkroom. This was our first assignment with the large format camera. I took home the Sinar, which I have fallen in love with. My gift list now consists of:

  • black and white darkroom materials (the whole shebang, enlargers, safe lights, paper, film, chemicals…)
  • a hasselblad
  • a Sinar large format studio camera

Anyway, our assignment was a technical one, in order to display our knowledge of camera movements such as shifts, tilts, and rises/falls. We also had to incorporate the Scheimpflug principle.

Those images will reach you after my professor grades them.

Our second assignment is to mimic the lighting from a baroque painting. I chose Boy with Basket of Fruit by Carvaggio.


We were to utilize our digital cameras to make sure our exposure was perfect, then we were expected to use the large format camera to bracket the shot with color film. Since our university’s darkroom isn’t equipped with color developing chemicals, we have to send it out. But here’s the digital output:

_DSC0023 In total, I spent 10 hours today at school working on photography; all the while being rewarded for doing something I love.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. – David Frost


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