Studio High

I greatly apologize for the lack of content; a family member passed away and took me off to North Carolina for a week (pictures of the beauty of NC will be up shortly after this.) Now I’m back on track, except not really at all. I felt overwhelmed in my studio photography class after missing two days about strobes (one of those being the introduction) so I took it upon myself to practice some speedlight photography at home with my one wimpy off-brand flash. The fact that Atlanta called a snow day (despite the anticlimactic weather) allowed me to stay up photographing objects until 1AM last night and to continue when I woke up at 9AM this morning.

Nonetheless, here are the unedited results of a studio lighting high.

_DSC0912 _DSC0944 _DSC0957 _DSC0966 _DSC1078 _DSC1104 _DSC1128 _DSC1150 _DSC1183 _DSC1199 _DSC1215 _DSC1275

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.


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