New New Topographics

As an add-on to “Stuck in the Wrong Art Movement“, this was the result of what I needed to take those photographs for:

Teal Gordon New Topographics 2 Teal Gordon New Topographics 3 Teal Gordon New Topographics

The whole idea behind these is based in trying to get into an exhibition entitled New Topographics; however, considering that this exhibition was held in 1975, we had to figure out what New Topographics would be in 2015. I entered into the realm of thinking, “What is the 2015 landscape to a neo-pagan thinker?” What resulted was my digital insertion of a natural object into the landscape I am exhausted with.

What my classmates saw during critique were frozen puddles and fractures.

I see a New New Topographic, Neo-Romantic, Neo-Pictorialist photograph.

What do you get from these images?


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