Into and Out of Nature

I know I have written enough about my interests in nature and romanticism, but in case you need a refresher (or an introduction) my work is very much intrinsically nature-based and romanticized from subject matter to just the essence of the art I make.

With having Directed this semester, I had to work on one concept for a whole semester. A year or so ago, I did a series on trash that I found on my walk to the train station as well as trash from the Chattahoochee River. After the fact, the Chattahoochee River photographs are being showcased in Georgia State University’s Research Conference AND I was interviewed about it; that interview will be making an appearance on GSU’s social media sometime soon.

But, in Directed, I figured that I found a good start and a good direction to aim for. I wanted something more artistic and interesting though, something more romantic than the Hooch Series. So I made abstract landscapes out of trash.

That became too beautiful and made no effect.

So I created an array of images involving nature and trash from juxtaposing the two in a frame to printing pictures of nature ONTO trash to putting a picture of nature in trash. These seemed to struggle.

So I went back to the documentary, cold-hearted cataloguing of trash. This lost my voice. BUT two days before my critique, I had a strike of genius. Pair photographs of found trash with haiku. Haiku is traditionally a veneration of nature in 17 syllables.

This is what I have been developing. I have a critique tomorrow on the work I have made. In lieu of finding haiku (it’s terribly hard to find this online) I perused the library (with books already overdue) to find haiku. I acquired a book with haiku by Basho and a book with haiku by Jack Kerouac. Kerouac’s book is small and easy to carry around, so naturally, that’s what stayed in my backpack to ogle at while I was on trains or buses.

Let me tell you, JACK KEROUAC’S HAIKU’S ARE GENIUS. He wanted to reestablish haiku in a way that doesn’t continue the age old tradition of it. He altered the rules to create an Americanized and modern haiku that is more playful and open to contemporary thinking that traditional haiku. They are perfect to pair with my photographs. Out of context romanticized quality with non traditional photographic subject matter paired with a non traditional poem about nature? I’m in heaven.

However, as much as I love this series I have created, I have found myself in conflicting ideas. Nature is so empowering and overwhelming that it doesn’t care about trash. Of course, trash is affecting animals tragically, but I’m not up for that fight. Plants and trees don’t give a flying flipper about plastic and trash. A recent article that I read from DIS magazine online article that I read from DIS magazine online about Bea Fremderman’s art series “Solastalgia” has reinforced that realization for me. Her work looks at the apocalyptic world where humanity is finished and nature takes her rein over objects leftover by humanity’s existence.

I am not sure where that leaves me to continue on with, but that’s for another story.

Pictures coming soon!



Throughout my Truancy

So, after my post apologizing for my absence, I went and looked to see when my last post was. It amazes me that I have left this blog out in the virtual world for a year without salvaging it. An entire year. A year ago was my last post, when I was turning 21. Here I am, about to turn 22 in a couple of days.

A lot of selfishness has found me in the past year, and I think it was the right kind of selfishness to push me forward into the world.

In the past year, I produced and supervised a successful summer camp program at my job with a private daycare. I learned managerial skills, I fell into an Assistant Director position which I have excelled at since. I’m gearing up for another amazing summer camp program. In the fall, I took Alternative Processes, Intro to Linguistic Anthropology, Digital Video for Artists, and Digital Possibilities.

The only one to care about is Alternative Processes. While I struggled throughout the course to produce good work, I had so much fun exploring alternative methods and using even more so alternative methods along with those, such as Van Dyke Brown printing on wood and cyanotype on sheer fabrics in fishtanks with a goldfish. I learned that I am a nature-born gum bichromate printer; this is very exciting for me because I am a romanticist at heart with a longing for painting and gum bichromate opens a couple of doors for that. I also excelled at tin types with beautiful images of my boyfriend.

During the fall semester, my boyfriend became a drag queen, which has been monumental in that I have a in-house model for fashion photo shoots! Exciting stuff.

Then came the Spring Semester. I am finishing out Directed, Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome, Oil Painting, and beginning a thesis.

Directed is a course where you spend the entire semester on one idea; exploring it as thoroughly as possible in the time given. I have been photographing trash and have gone from catalogued objective images of trash, photographs on trash, to photographs of trash with haiku by Jack Kerouac. What a journey.

I am very excited about my thesis, but I am keeping that under wraps until it comes closer to fruition. This semester is just the watering of the seed.

Oil painting has been very intriguing; I actually will pursue a series of oil paintings of old photographs, thinking of how arbitrary physical emanations of photographs are in this generation. How digitized everything is, yet I am taking the time to bring these photographs to realization. Something of nostalgia.

Keep your eyes peeled for a soon-coming article about my inspirations and interests moving forward from a year of explorations…and also tidbits of the work I have completed in the past year.


“Dusk–the bird/on the fence/a contemporary of mine.”

-Jack Kerouac

Ending my Truancy

Hi all,


I have been absent for so long that I am not even sure when I began this blog. In my absence, I have been striving through school, work, and life in general.

Given that I have only one year left in school to complete my degree, I have realized that I need to buckle down and realize what I can do to support myself while fully utilizing my degree and I think part of that is writing. And no one gets anywhere by only doing something when required to do so, so I am reviving Figments of Film.

Stay tuned for a post on what I have been working on this semester and what’s coming up.