Sun. July 31st, 2016. 6:28 PM. Begin:

Crawl. Like a zombie, or a child, or an injured animal. Or reach, to the light. Drag. Pull. Balance? What is this thing? New age caution cone in a parking garage in the early morning. Waiting to alert someone of some importance.

End. 6:29 PM. Sun. July 31st, 2016.




Aaron Hardin.

Sat. July 30th 2016. 5:50 PM. Begin:

It would be magical to wake up to a light like that.

End. 5:51 PM. Sat. July 30th, 2016.





Paul Mpagi Sepuya. Mirror Study. 2016.

Fri. July 29th, 2016. 8:56 PM. Begin:

What a sight! Flesh, limbs, colors (but somehow no colors), distortions, connections, disconnections, and that damn sock. How dare that sock be there. How dare that horrid couch distract so.

End. 8:57 PM. Fri. july 29th, 2016.

UMPUI #23 (Boombox #9)


Lyle Owerko. Boombox #9. 2010.

Thurs. July 28th, 2016. 7:10 PM. Begin:

A videogame. This photograph is so tangible and so vibrant that it exists. There are no hints of the known photographic edge. There is only video game inspired boombox of greatness. So what makes it a photograph? How do I know it’s a photograph? Is it a photograph? Or is it a boombox? This is how commercial photography trips me up. Is it the thing, or is it the photograph. Or is there no threshold separating the two.

End. 7:11 PM. Thurs. July 28th, 2016.

UMPUI #22 (Table Prayer: Belmont House)


Holly Andres. Table Prayer: Belmont House. 2015.

Wed. July 27th, 2016. 7:35 PM. Begin:

She has a secret, one the left. One that the one on the right does not want to keep, but is loyal enough to keep regardless. The painting above the one on the left knows the secret. The pink hue and the ominous shadow that lets just enough light in, draws me into the portrait that knows the secret. The figure by the window is oblivious. The fore figure is not so devout. The clearly visible strap under the blue shirt seems telling of something.

End. 7:36 PM. Wed. July 27th, 2016.

UMPUI #21 (Roxie and Raquel)


Deana Lawson. Roxie and Raquel. 2010.

Tue. July 26th, 2016. 8:44 PM. Begin:

What a strange posture. Where am I? Where are they? I am confined and constricted–claustrophobic–in this room with no release to doors and no access to the transparency of a window, with two women in a strange ritual movement that seems just the opposite of innocent.

End. 8:45 PM. Tue. July 26th, 2016.



Yakovlev & Aleeva

Mon. July 25th, 2016. 9:06 PM. Begin:

Oh, the decadence. The Gustav Klimt, dipped in gold and chocolate. The cinematics of Gregory Crewdson with the brights in Frida Kahlo’s paintings. The despair. The ease. The Willy Wonka aspect. Golden eggs are only so rare.

End. 9:07 PM. Mon. July 25th, 2016.