Some comments on “Summer Thunder” at Sandler Hudson Gallery

A nice aspect of group exhibitions showcasing gallery’s represented artists is that more time can be spent on pieces as individuals rather than seeing the big picture of a themed show. Three pieces in Sandler Hudson Gallery’s Summer Thunder selected artist group exhibition caught my attention in particular; two with polar messages and one abstract with a realistic consideration.

abstract painting
“Fevered Night”, Rocio Rodriguez, 2015, Oil on canvas

Rocio Rodriguez’s “Fevered Night” is a hulking painting of swatches of earth toned colors. The colors are first cousins to each other, dusk shadow blue somehow related to raw burgundy while clay orange marks its presence. The loosely organized rectangular swathes are the quick knolling of the paint world.

William Downs has a recent piece “On the Road” made with ink on drawing paper. A deep wash of black engrossed most of the paper. Some empty space is found on the bottom quarter, kissing brushstrokes that mark the bottom of the darkness. Playfully, the words “Nothing Today!!” is written in graphite in the center of the piece, ignoring how full the paper is with ink. The pairing of a suggestion of a free day with deep blackness suggests irony in the artist’s practice, one where production of a piece is denounced to nothingness for unexplained reasons.

Image result for amy landesberg kiss me
“Kiss Me (Edition of 6)”, Amy Landesberg

Another piece with some comedy is “Kiss Me (Edition of 6)” in which Amy Landesberg installed two pink tipped makeup brushes meet at the bristles, asking for a kiss from the lip shape they form. Being personally acquainted with makeup tools myself, the foolproof joke is lost by her use of blush brushes, versus some lip makeup application tool. The mismatch of tool to form is a bit too off kilter to land the joke for those familiar with makeup. I am vaguely reminded of Stacy Greene who had a more direct association between lips and tool with her photographic series of her friends’ used lipstick tubes.


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