Jody Wood.

Sun. August 7th, 2016. 8:23 PM. Begin:

What a liberating moment. To feel your hair and how amazing it feels. This reminds me of the street photographer that would photograph passersby against a neutral backdrop. A popular and well known photographer, my memory fails me a name. May this person greatly enjoy her hair and beauty and life.

End. 8:24 PM. Sun. August 7th, 2016.




Carlos Betancourt. Portrait of a Dream: San Sebastian. 2011.

Wed. August 4th, 2016. 7:38 PM. Begin:

What a strange scene. Like an ink-blot zoetrope of a murder scene in blue. How regal on that platter, but how banal with that dinosaur. Classical portraits, knives, bananas. So much to connect, but enough to intrigue.

End. 7:39 PM. Wed. August 4th, 2016.



Carlos Jaramillo.

Tue. August 2nd, 2016. 7:57 PM. Begin:

What a strange combination of shadows. On hand, right behind the feathers and the arm. But the backdrop seems to be a faked sky. Like a backdrop poorly lit for the seduction of reality. Lit more as a behind the scenes take. But how beautiful, this bird. Giving us a warrior’s pose even in the hand of caged-ness.

End. 7:58 PM. Tue. August 2nd, 2016.





Benjy Russell. 2016.

Mon. August 1st, 2016. 9:35 PM. Begin:

I find this suitable for the first of August. A blossom for the new month that leads us into the cold months of no blossoms. What a peculiar entrance, though. Into a strange and new world, juxtaposing unlikely natural elements. Alchemy.

End. 9:36 PM. Mon. August 1st, 2016.



Sun. July 31st, 2016. 6:28 PM. Begin:

Crawl. Like a zombie, or a child, or an injured animal. Or reach, to the light. Drag. Pull. Balance? What is this thing? New age caution cone in a parking garage in the early morning. Waiting to alert someone of some importance.

End. 6:29 PM. Sun. July 31st, 2016.



Paul Mpagi Sepuya. Mirror Study. 2016.

Fri. July 29th, 2016. 8:56 PM. Begin:

What a sight! Flesh, limbs, colors (but somehow no colors), distortions, connections, disconnections, and that damn sock. How dare that sock be there. How dare that horrid couch distract so.

End. 8:57 PM. Fri. july 29th, 2016.